ASCII 1337 Alphabet

What is the 1337 Alphabet?

Leet, also called 1337, l33t, Leetspeak, or 13375|>34|< is a language game which replaces the Latin alphabet with numbers and ASCII printable symbols. It is used a lot on the Internet in fora, chat rooms and online games. It comes from the word "elite" which means "better than everyone else". 1337 is mostly used for English, but can also be used with other languages including French, Spanish and German. Leetspeak is a mixture of words (mostly computer-related) spelled wrong on purpose, usually coming from typos (e.g. the becomes t3h). The words of Leetspeak are usually put together to create a 'dialect' (small language). This dialect is used in some places for funniness. 1337 uses numbers, ASCII symbols, and diacritics together to make symbols resembling Latin letters. Most of the time it is only the vowels that are changed and then usually only they are replaced by numbers, it is unusual to see someone use the Leet Alphabet to spell out a whole word.

Why Should I Care?

Unless you frequent hacker related web sites or the like you probably shouldn't care. However, using some of the same substitutions in Leetspeak can help your passwords become more secure. Keep in mind that if someone really wants to crack your password they will typically try Leetspeak substitutions in their attempts. It is this reason that we say it helps your password become more secure, not completely secure. For best results you should not just take a dictionary word and do Leetspeak substitutions. One of the best methods is to take a phrase you can remember easily, use the first letter of each word as a character in your password and use some Leetspeak substitutions from there. This makes it far more difficult to crack your password because it will not be based on a dictionary word and will have numbers and special characters because of the substitutions.

Letter Substitutions

Letter Basic Extended
A @ 4 /-\ /_\
B 8 |3
C [ ( < {
D D |> |) |} |]
E 3  
F F |= ph
G 6 9 [, -, [+
H # |-| [-] {-} |=| [=] {=}
I ! 1 |
J J  
K K |< 1<
L 1 |_ |
M M |\/| ^^ /\/\
N N |\| /\/
O 0 () [] {}
P P |o |O |>
Q Q O 9
R R |2 12
S $ 5  
T + 7  
U U |_|
V V \/
W W \/\/ (/\) \^/ |/\|
X X ><
Y Y  
Z 2  

Number Substitutions

Number Basic Extended
0 O ()
1 L I | ][
2 Z  
3 E  
4 A  
5 S  
6 G  
7 T L
8 B  
9 G